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【转载】汉和地球村KANWA GLOBAL VILLAGE 商标及组织背景简介:  

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新兴国家通讯社:汉和地球村联合国秘书长演讲稿 - 新兴国家征信通讯社 - 世界金元国际货币基金组织联席汇率委员会
中国公共信用信息网 汉诚信用局联合注册商标 - 新兴国家征信通讯社 - 世界金元国际货币基金组织联席汇率委员会

新兴国家通讯社:汉和地球村联合国秘书长演讲稿 - 新兴国家征信通讯社 - 世界金元国际货币基金组织联席汇率委员会






汉和地球村KANWA GLOBAL VILLAGE 商标及组织背景简介:




Kanwa global village (trademark registration No.: 16300963 is the totem and the brand of the Han and human society community of interests, Han, and cultural beliefs and Han and earth village organization of the United Nations in the registered trademark of the peoples Republic of China.








With the advent of radio, television, the Internet and other electronic media, with the rapid development of all kinds of modern means of transportation, spatial and temporal distance between people is reduced dramatically, the whole world become a small" village".


Human beings are brought into an extremely harmonious environment, the geographical boundaries and cultural difference are eliminated, the human families are united, the new harmony and peace is created.




The old value system of the world has collapsed, the new system is being created, an modern integrated global village for everyone involved –the Kanwa Global Village will emerge under the active support of China and the BRICS countries.


汉和地球村(KANWA GLOBAL VILLAGE)是弘扬中华民族传统文化推动全球经济一体化的一个品牌,汉和地球村联合国自由贸易行政区组织是全球自由贸易区主权经济体联合的科学治理机构。


The Kanwa Global Village is a brand which aims to spread the Chinese traditional culture and promote the global economic integration, the organization of United Nations’ Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village is the governance organization of the Global Free Trade Area of Sovereign Economies’ Union


汉和地球村(KANWA GLOBAL VILLAGE)社区是世界金元数字银行的实体经济体。


The Kanwa Global Village Community is the entity of the World UnionPay Bank of Emerging Countries.


汉和地球村(KANWA GLOBAL VILLAGE)是国际丝绸之路区域国家经济共同体、利益共同体的投资合作平台。


The Kanwa Global Village is the investment and cooperation platform of the Regional Economic and Interest Community for Silk Road area countries.




As an international financial institution, the Kanwa Global Village United Nations Special Administrative Region covers five earth villages cross Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, which has vast development space. The earth village community will be able to accommodate five million talented people. Citizens there share the basic values of human rights, freedom of belief, honesty, fairness, justice and democracy. The global village will become a popular place for global investors and new immigrants.




Under the support of the China’s ruling party, the Kanwa global village society is the ultimate choice of future global village for integrated human beings.


“世界村”( 地球村GLOBAL VILLAGE)这一词是加拿大传播学家马歇尔。麦克卢汉 1967年在他的《理解媒介:人的延伸》一书中首次提出。麦克卢汉对现代传播媒介的分析深刻地改变了人们——特别是当代青年人,对20世纪以及21世纪生活的观念,他所预言的地球村在今天的社会已经变成了现实。


The word "global village" is initially mentioned by the Canadian communication specialist Marshall Mcluhan in1967 in his book "understanding media: the extension of people". The analysis to the modern media shows that it has profoundly changed people’s – especially the young people’s attitude towards the life of the 20th and 21th century. The global village he predicted in his book is becoming a reality.




In Mcluhan’s view, the meaning of "global village" does not refer to the distance shrink led by advanced media but the major changes taken place in the means of people’s communication and the social and cultural patterns. The development of transportation tools made the traditional village urbanized, direct and colloquial contacts between people were interrupted and changed into indirect and text-based.




While the electronic media are implementing the anti-urbanization, namely "the new village" drive, which eliminates the centralization of city power, makes people’s interaction back to one-to-one format. "The city does not exist, only the cultural ghost attracts tourists. Any highway side small hotel, with its television, newspapers and magazines, can be the same as those in New York and Paris with the international characteristics." Mcluhan felt in that way the time and space difference has become redundant.




This new mode of perception is bringing human beings into a very harmonious environment, which eliminates the geographical boundaries and cultural difference, unites human in a big family and creates a new harmony and peace. The old value system has collapsed, the new system is being created, an modern and integrated global village with everyone’s participation will soon emerge. In fact, the described global village has appeared. Mcluhan’s "global village" theory is the bud of the globalization theory, which has produced profound influence on after researches of globalization.








The appearance of global village has broken the traditional concept of space and time, enabled people to have a closer contact with the outside and the world, promoted people’s mutual understanding. Global village phenomenon changes people’s concept of Journalism and propaganda, and forces the news media to pay more attention to the receiver’s interests and needs, its efficiency and objectivity, and authenticity of content. The global village promotes the process of world economic integration.




Global village results from the development of the Internet; It is embodied in the age of information network; It is a form of the era of knowledge economy; It booms with the rapid development of modern transportation, the upgrading of technology communication and the comprehensive use of network technology.






To make it simple: the global village means though the earth is very big, because of the more and more convenient information transmission, people’s exchange of information becomes as easy as those living in a small village, the earth is becoming so-called a "global village".


The emergence of global village concept has intuitively expressed people’s anticipation for a peaceful world.


Regardless of color, race, everybody is a equal member of that village




Global economic instability will become a new normal status.


In the process of economic globalization, the economic interdependence among various countries becomes so strong than ever. Many of the country’s foreign trade dependency has exceeded 30%, some even reached 50-60%. In this situation, the international transmission of economic fluctuation and crisis becomes more frequent and inevitable.




Any country’s internal imbalances will be reflected as the external imbalance, and soon affect the countries which it has close trade and investment ties, and in the end, most likely all countries will be involved in the unbalance and crisis. In 1997, the Thailand foreign exchange crisis has quickly spread to the whole Southeast Asia, South Korea and Japan, formed a much more serious regional financial crisis. After that the crisis has spread to Russia and Latin America (including the United States) and finally deteriorated into a global financial turmoil. That is the latest example of crisis contagion.








cost 1








The existence of international hot money is one of the important cause for the global economic instability.








As a kind of huge financial strength beyond the borders of countries, the international hot money has repeatedly played the role of global financial turmoil’s causers and promoters. In the economic globalization environment, although it is possible to explore effective measures to supervise the international hot money, it still seems impossible to have it in full control.
























Cost 2








The independence of individual country’s economic sovereignty is facing increasing challenges. The development of EU economies has shown that. with the gradual increase of its member countries’ integration, the independence of individual country’s economic sovereignty is falling. From the early days of the customs union, the unified price of agricultural products, exchange rate joint floating, to the unified financial policy after the issue of euro single currency (started in January 1999 the emergence of the euro exchange rates district), all those means the fiscal and monetary sovereignty of each member has gradually transferred to the EU coordination mechanism. That economic sovereignty transference has made many members big bills to pay, even threatened the survival of the European union.










For the United States and other countries beyond the European Union, in the process of economic globalization, their economic sovereignty (especially the fiscal and monetary policy) independence is also facing more and more severe tests. The tests are roughly in two different forms. One is the active transfer of economic sovereignty. From GATT to the previous tax reduction and trade liberalization negotiations, and those financial crisis hit countries’ restructure of their national economies in the aim to get assistance from the International Monetary Fund, they are all to some extent the sovereignty transference. The other test is the erosion to the economic sovereignty caused by private economic forces.




The most typical example is the Multi-National Corporation. Because in most of the time, the strategic goal of Multi-National Corporations is not in accordance with the economic development target of host countries, therefore, they often show a kind of instinct resistance and avoidance to many policies of host countries. Multi-National Corporations conduct a large-scale transfer of funds internationally, their negative effect brought to the host country’s monetary and financial policy cannot be underestimated. Obviously, during the process of economic globalization, those countries have extensive use of foreign direct investment paid a high cost, which deserves people’s high attention.






Cost 3


The global scope of the wealth gap is widening. As mentioned before, the globalization of economy, is essentially a global process of marketlization. In that process, competition creates efficiency, while at the same time, more and more wealth has moved to a few countries or a few interest groups, which leads to the expansion of the gap between the rich and the poor. According to the World Bank statistics, in 1983, the per capita GDP in low-income developing countries was 2.4% of that in developed countries. In another word, the latter was equal to 43 times the figure of the former. By 1994, the ratio even lowered to 1.6%, which means the latter was 62 times that of the former










The causes for the widening of the gap are in many aspects, but two factors cannot be ignored.


First, the unbalanced interests distribution of economic globalization.


Although almost all countries involved in the process of globalization have benefited in the process, it does not mean that the interests are shared equally. As a matter of fact, as the main holders of capital and advanced technology, in the long-run, dollar, euro, yan and western developed countries are always at the center of globalization. This relative advantage give them the privilege in price setting and has got more interests in their doing business with developing countries.




Second, the decline in the nominal exchange rate leads to nominal GDP value’s reduction. The real devaluation caused by the nominal depreciation results in the worsening of trade terms, and then asks for more cost in international trade.






The analysis of the background of World UnionPay Bank of Emerging Countries:


From the world financial system point of view, the United States, Europe and Japan are the three largest economic bodies, which dominated the world economy and finance, the dollar, the euro and the yen are the world’s three largest reserve and settlement currencies, especially the dollar’s dominance in the world’s financial markets makes it a major international settlement and reserve currency.






Because of the doldrums in western countries’ economy, especially after the 2008 financial crisis, the explosion of their inherent problems and contradictions, the three largest economies have been greatly damaged.


In order to promote local economic development, despite the impact it may cause on the world’s economy and finance, US, Japan and Europe wantonly took measures to depreciate the dollar, the euro and the yen, which made the emerging market countries especially the BRICS countries suffer a lot.




In that situation, the emerging countries and the BRICS need to establish a financial system and their institutions which are less reliant on the dollar, the euro and the yen.




 In order to eliminate the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, the international monetary and financial system and improve the global rules, since July 2010, the Asian Credit Rating Association (ACRA), China, emerging countries, BRIC countries and Western financiers act, in order to determine the China currency is issued with RMB credit card world Unionpay  financial products, jointly organized and founded the world and Credit Union (World Unionpay card Limited ), and the world, sovereign wealth fund investors Limited by Share Ltd world wealth fund company, the world financial and insurance group, China Unionpay world wealth fund, Jinyuan world monetary union, the world cup, world cup gold fund company monetary fund company, to promote the BRIC countries Di Fu the financial company, the BRICs Development Bank, Asia The formation of infrastructure investment bank, the world cup the BRICs bank and bank in emerging countries, Han, and land banks international and regional financial institutions.




The BRICS is the core of emerging market countries, and China is the core of the BRICS countries, at the same time, the creation of the Global Economic Community Project of World UnionPay Currency Clearing Union, The World UnionPay Bank of Emerging Countries and the World UnionPay Bank of BRICS Countries, makes the emerging countries and the BRICS countries have a system of closer cooperation and contact mechanism in political and economic aspects. Thus on the basis of World UnionPay Currency Clearing Union and World UnionPay Finance Insurance Group Co., Limited, the founding of the World UnionPay Bank of BRICS Countries and The World UnionPay Bank of Emerging Countries with China at the core is a natural process.




The establishment of this institution --World UnionPay Bank of Emerging Countries-- will effectively protect the members’ capital interflow and their trade; will simplify the settlement and loan business of the BRICS countries, and thus reduce the reliance on the dollar and the euro.




The World UnionPay Bank of BRICS has a planed registered capital of 800 billion USD, among which 25% will be invested by the BRICS Development Bank, other 75% will be invested by China’s Overseas International Capital and the member countries of the World UnionPay Finance Insurance Group.


汉和世界投资者财富基金公司、世界金元货币基金联盟、汉诚信用局集团、世界汉和信用卡联盟组织全球新兴国家持股组成的世界金元国家银行,拟注册资本1.2万亿美元,全球各国均可按照人口依人均100美元的限额参加持股,7千亿美元(7 billions dollars.)。


Kanwa the world investors wealth fund company, the world gold and yuan monetary fund alliance, the Hancheng Credit Bureau, the world Kanwa credit card alliance organization global emerging state holdings of the worlds gold and yuan national banks, the registered capital of 1.2 trillion US dollars, the global Each country can participate in the $ 100 billion (7 billions dollars.) Of the population at a rate of $ 100 per capita.




The strength of the world will be more solid gold and yuan Bank will be able to in accordance with the economic development of member countries and trade scale planning to jointly protect their infrastructure credit funds to support member countries and other infrastructure projects to help the emerging countries, BRIC countries out of poverty , To the rich.




The use of funds:


Each member country of the World UnionPay Central Bank, the World UnionPay Bank of BRICS and the World UnionPay Bank of Emerging Countries will hold 10 billion USD of shares, and may obtain 50 billion USD amount of its credit plan




World Bank of China Fund Fund Central Bank will play and go beyond the International Monetary Fund (IMF) "emergency" role: the World Bank Union Currency Clearing Union member countries international settlement funds for some time, the World Bank of China BRIC Bank to give emergency funds Financing, and play the role of the general commercial banks of the BRIC, to provide financial services to the BRICS multinational companies. More importantly, to shoulder the BRIC countries, global emerging countries, member countries of international trade settlement and liquidation work.




The establishment of the BRICS Development Bank will greatly promote the development of the BRICS countries, improve trade service of emerging countries and even the economic and financial development of BRICS.




The world gold and yuan monetary fund alliance, the world gold and gold bricks National Bank is the establishment of the emerging market countries of the Gospel, and ultimately may be in the reform of the current Western monopoly of the world financial structure play a greater role.




China, as a emerging market country and the initiator and members of the BRICS, has a total economic out put ranked second in the world, only after the US.




China especially RMB should play an important role in the establishment and business operation of the World UnionPay Bank of BRICS Countries and the BRICs Development Bank. China should seize that rare historical opportunity and launch the international money China Yan by the Central Bank. By promoting the internationalization of ChinaYan, China’s speaking right in the international financial and economic world can be greatly improved.






World Jindi Digital Bank Economic Cooperation Organization Han and Global Village United Nations Nature


The United Nations and the global village of the United Nations Special Administrative Region, will be determined by the World Bank Union Currency Clearing Union, China and the treaty of the Member States: sovereign independent international economic Organization, is to adapt to the global market economy, science and technology, information integration and continuous progress of developing countries and emerging countries "fate community" international legal mechanism governance innovation, is the World Bank Union Finance and Insurance Group, the World Bank Union Currency Clearing Union, emerging countries, global development On the basis of the principle of "sovereignty, equality, peace, mutual benefit and non-interference in internal affairs", the Chinese countries initiated the establishment of a new type of international economic cooperation organization with the sovereign independent economic nature.








The organization of The Special Administrative Region of United Nations Kanwa Global Village




Under The Special Administrative Region of United Nations Kanwa Global Village , there are independent Kanwa Global Village economic entities: the World UnionPay International Cooperation organizations, economic entities of emerging countries and independent regional economic entities.






World Union Pay Finance Insurance Group


World Bank Union Financial & Insurance Group was founded in July 2010 by the Asian Credit Rating Association, Beijing UnionPay Card, World UnionPay Card, Beijing UnionPay credit agency and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan entrepreneurs founded international financial institutions, the original registered capital capital of HK $ 5.6 billion , The new 100 billion US dollars in 2012, 2014 International Capital World Union Union Financial Group, Han and the world investors wealth fund capital increase of 1 trillion US dollars, the organization founded the world gold and yuan monetary fund alliance, the world gold and yuan emerging countries bank, the world gold BRIC National Bank.




Charter of the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village Of The United Nations Limited.




The Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of The United Nations Limited is sure to implement the credit-based social market economy with the combination of socialism and capitalism and guarantee that citizens of the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of the United Nations Limited have human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of belief and hold the basic value of honesty, fairness, justice and democracy. And also to pursue collective prosperity for all human beings, organize social financial elite to establish economic entity, promote the flow of the capital, guarantee the interests of investors, continuously create jobs and produce social wealth. To keep member states’ currency stability and economic security so as to make the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of The United Nations Limited constantly increase new jobs and expand social welfare. To cooperate and interact with the global sovereign independent economies and international organizations. Realize the socially and economically sustainable development of the emerging and developing countries.




The Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of The United Nations Limited enacts scientific socialist market economy democratic constitutional legal system to advance the development of the social productive force and promote the progress of society and civilization and combine contract market economy with planned economy. To realize private ownership of the means of production as planned. Kanwa global village communities set up perfect market credit supervision and management system and reward & punishment system. The village government provides social welfare, real estate and the right of 99 years or permanent use of land which can be applied for renewal with compensation after the expiry date for citizens with honesty and integrity according to the law. Labor force, talents and intellectual capital, intellectual property, corporate and personal credit and reputation, business reputation, trade names, personal and corporate credit, intelligence capital, market assets, intellectual property assets, talent assets and infrastructure assets are all important intangible assets. Villagers work according to their ability and be compensated according to their performance. The administrative supervision is carried out in the society, pursuing collective prosperity for all human beings. To safeguard the objectives and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and to advocate both corporate and individuals to undertake social responsibilities. The government provides social welfare and insurance for citizen families with honesty and integrity.




The Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of the United Nations Limited is an affiliated industrial economic organization of World UnionPay Bank of Emerging Countries Limited, also known as the "the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of The United Nations Limited". It is an independent internationalized regional economy with innovated sovereignty adapting to the ongoing global economic integration.




Member states of World Union Pay Currency Clearing Union Stock and World UnionPay Finance Insurance Group CP., invest $ 500 billion in joint-stock cooperation and administrative management, creating the world UnionPay Bank of emerging countries , making treaties and agreements for the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village OF the United Nations Limited. Member states of World Union Pay Currency Clearing Union Stock are organized to contribute $ 700 billion (including Chinese investment of $140 billion) in order to register the world Union Pay bank of emerging countries limited, World UnionPay BRICS Bank and World Union Pay Finance Insurance Group in the Hongkong Special Administrative Region. World Union Pay Currency Clearing Union Stock found Kanwa Land Bank, Kebao Bank, Fu Di Bank, CONFUCIAN Business Bank, Peilong Bank, Development Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other financial institutions. During the first three years, the world Union Pay Bank of emerging countries is going to issue electronic currency and after that the China Yuan (Central Bank of China) or“金元”(WORLD UNION PAY BRICS BANK) which can free flow internationally.




At present, the world has a population of nearly 7 billion. In order to create a world Union Pay bank of emerging countries with fairness and justice for the benefit of the global human society, world Union Pay bank of emerging countries invites its member states to make financial contribution in accordance with their national population. It also invites member states of World Union Pay Currency Clearing Union Stock to contribute based on its population, $100 for each person. Therefore, the total 7 billion population of the world will bring a capital of $ 7 billions dollars.






Every country can invest


1 国际货币(美元);


1. International currency (US dollars)


2 黄金(按照签约日国际市场价核算);


2. Gold (international dealing price on the day contract is signed)


3 无形资产永久土地使用权。


3. Intangible asset permanent land use right


a 无形资产永久土地使用权作价(国际合作条约价):每平方公里平均作价一次性作价为1000万美元;


a. Price of intangible asset permanent land use right (international cooperation price): 10 million USD per square kilometers




b. Extended 100 times after 99-year land use right finished. Price of 99-year intangible asset use right: 5 million USD per square kilometers;




c. 99-year intangible asset use right can be extended 100 times, total price: 5 million USD, 50 thousand USD per time.




d. funders’ first phase investment will include land space no less than 100 kilometers, and will not access 5% of its own country’territory.




The 7 billion population of the globe village, 3.5 billion families, planned accommodation construction land area for each family is 666.7 square meters. The total land area demanded is 2.33 billion square meters.




Over the next 50 years, the global emerging countries will build Kanwa global village united nations special administrative sovereignty region which is no less than 2.33 billion square kilometers areas.




The first phase planning land area of the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village Of The United Nations Limited is 1000 square kilometers. In the first period, the promotor, the Republic of Madagascar, will provide 500 square kilometers of land which will be used to found a demonstration area. The BRICS countries including China, India, Russia, Brazil and South Africa. will found The Republic of Madagascar Special Administrative Region and Zhongshan China Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of The United Nations Limited. in the first phase.




In the second phase of program, each member of the emerging countries will be asked to provide 100 square kilometers. the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village Of The United Nations Limited will grow into an economic entity of 1000 square kilometers, which includes ten global villages covering India, Brazil, Thailand, Costa Rica, Cuba, Greece, Indonesia and South American nations. Depending on the powerful financial capital of the banks in Special Administrative Regiona of Kanwa Global Village of The United Nations Limited, global villages’ real infrastructure, all fields of industrial economy as well as community culture will be developed continuously and progressively. Besides, consumer demand can be expanded, economy member states can be boosted and the social progress can be promoted. In the future, by adopting international currency exchange and absorbing new members, the developing area of the global village will be continuously expanded.


2 汉和地球村联合国自由贸易行政区宪章宗旨:


Objectives and principles: Charter of the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of The United Nations Limited.




Follow the principle of the UN Charter and the constitutional law of the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of the United Nations Ltd. Follow the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence: Mutually respect sovereignty and territorial integrity; mutual non-aggression; non-interference in each other’s internal affairs; equality and mutual benefit; peaceful coexistence.




Learning from the global sovereign independent economy law experience, to scientifically improve the democratic constitutional governance framework of the socialist market economy system of the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of The United Nations Ltd..




Follow the principle of “People oriented” and the traditional Chinese idea of “harmonious is precious”; to develop a society with credit and integrity and contract economy in free trade areas.




To advocate the KANWA Confucian value of “sovereignty, equality, peace, mutual benefit" which can be found in both eastern and western civilizations. To establish governance mechanism of “common destiny”, which should be designed to adapt to the global market economy, the village is going to make progress in science and technology and to develop information integration in emerging countries and to continuously enhance the global social productive forces.




To implement the credit-based social market economy with the combination of socialism and capitalism.




Constitutional legal system perfection. To guarantee that citizens of the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of The United Nations Ltd. have human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of belief and hold the basic value of honesty, fairness, justice and democracy. Let villagers in the globe village to work according to their ability and get paid according to their performance.




Legally registered civil commune will do the administrative supervision of the whole society to pursue collective prosperity for all human beings.




To organize social financial elite to establish economic entity. Promote the flow of the capital, guarantee the interests of investors, continuously create jobs, produce social wealth.




To keep member states’ currency stability and economic security so as to make the Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village of The United Nations Ltd. constantly increase new jobs and expand social welfare.




To cooperate and interact with the global sovereign independent economy and international organizations. Realize the socially and economically sustainable development of the emerging and developing countries.




To organize the World Bank Group in emerging countries, economies, and KANWA Confucian businessmen financial advisor to provide professional financial services for global investors. To provide credit and services of risk analysis and consulting for developing countries and poor countries with good credit. And to create new jobs, reduce poverty, protecting the environment on the purpose of sustainable development of human society and promoting the progress of social civilization and global economy.




 The Principle for the United Nations’ Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village( Free Trade Zone of the World UnionPay Bank for Emerging Countries)




The village combines the resources and talents of the member emerging countries, draws lessons from human administrative experience under the code of democracy, fairness and equality and the excellent cultural relics of human civilization. It will form a legal system of democratic constitutionalism for the modern socialist market economy, govern the international cooperation among banks, emerging free trade zone economies and international organizations in a scientific manner.




Issue World UnionPay card and international currency of United Nations’ Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village, probe for the managerial innovation for the banks in global economy and information society and the currency clearing system, enforce the socialist market system of integrity in the free trade zone and improve the global investment environment, turn the intangible assets of the emerging economies into huge productivity.




Kanwa global Village is planned to be an intelligent informational community with advanced development in science, culture and education, finance and trade, manufacture and logistics. It is a community with freedom of Kanwa culture and religious belief, beautiful environment and public stability. It will collect more wealth and raise more money for the social welfare, stable the currency for international trade, investment and consume, protect investors’ interests and provide easy monetary service for the quick development of the member economies.




The social system of United Nations’ Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village and its economic development advantages




As an economic entity of independent sovereignty, democratic constitution, perfect social welfare and beautiful environment, the special administrative region is composed of five global villages across Europe, Asia, South America and Africa and it has a huge development space.




The village will accommodate 5 million talents from all over the world.




All the citizens share the common value of human rights, freedom in belief, integrity, equality, fairness and democracy. It will be the hot spot for global investors and emigrants and bring benefit for the human society.




United Nations’ Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village is an independent economic legal entity of regional economic integration administered by member countries of World UnionPay Currency Clearing Union. The Union has sub organizations as banks and global village free trade zones for emerging countries under it.




The official languages of United Nations’ Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village are Chinese, English and French. Chinese and English are in common use for legal documents.



Background of Global Village


Global village: Marshall McLuhan 1911—1980, a Canadian philosopher, educator, literary critics, media specialist and master of media environment, was named as a person of foresight and wisdom in the 20th century and globally well-known for his global village and media information. Long before the appearance of the Internet has he predicted its existence. His representative works include “Machine Bride”, “Understand Media”, “Skyline in Goodenburgh” and “Laws of Media”,etc..


In Terrance Golden, the author of “Commentary on Understand Media”, was Canadian linguist, media specialist and expert on McLuhan and Joyce. His works include “Introduction to McLuhan”, “Everyone’s McLuhan”, “Easy Understanding of McLuhan”, “Un-riddle McLuhan”, “Biography of McLuhan”, “Everyone’s Joyce”,etc.. He also compiled the commentaries on “Understand Media”, “Thomas Nash’s Academic Position in His Age”(McLuhan’s doctorate dissert) and “McLuhan’s Collections”,etc..


The organization and implement plan for the new international financial system made up by World UnionPay Currency Clearing Union and World UionPay Wealth Fund

· 国际货币主体战略选择:中国元(CNY)或黄金元(Gold Dollar GD、亚洲元(Asia DollarAD

· Strategic choice of international currency: Chinese Yuan(CNY) or Gold Dollar(GD), Asia Dollar(AD);

· 国际货币清算组织:世界金元货币基金联盟;

· International currency clearing organization: World UnionPay Currency Clearing Union

· 国际货币发行组织:福埊金融国际公司货币互换中心(中美货币互换中心)

· International currency issue organization: World UnionPay Central Bank; World UnionPay Money Alliance International Currency Swap Center Ltd.(Sino-US Currency Swap Center)

· 国际货币金融机构:世界银联金砖国家银行;世界金元数字银行;金砖国家新开发银行,亚洲基础设施投资银行

· International currency finance organization:World UnionPay Bank For BRIC Countries, World UnionPay Bank For Emerging Countries, the Development Bank of BRICS Countries and Asia Infrastructure Development Bank

· 国际产业银行机构:绿色银行、艺术银行、福埊银行、汉帝银行,壳宝银行,儒商银行,沛龙银行

· International Art Bank organization: Handi Bank, Qiaobao Bank, Confucian Merchant Bank and Peilong Bank

· 国际金融机构实体经济体及自贸区全球网点治理机构:汉和土地银行、汉和地球村(汉和文化广场及社区、汉和农场、汉和科技园、汉诚信用局产业园)、汉和地球村联合国;汉和地球村联合国自由贸易行政区;汉和地球村联合国XX特别行政区;

· The governance organization of international financial economic entities and free trade zones: Kanwa Land Bank of BRICS, Kanwa Land Bank, Kanwa Global Village(Kanwa cultural square and community, Kanwa farmland, Kanwa industrial park), Kanwa global village united nations, United Nations’ Special Administrative Region of Kanwa Global Village and Kanwa global village united nations special administrative region.

· 国际信用评级及教育及研究机构:

世界汉诚信用评级股份有限公司,世界银联德勤会计信用评级股份有限公司,银联诚信征信股份有限公司,汉诚信用局,哈佛大学信用评级学院,汉和文化信仰研究院;汉和语言传媒大学;汉和智慧大学(KANWA GLOBAL VILLAGE WISDOM OF UNIVERSITY);汉和地球村生命科学院;汉和地球村工程院;汉和地球村联合国社会科学院;汉和地球村联合国民主宪政研究院

· International credit rating, education and research organizations: World UnionPay Credit Rating Company, Ltd., World UnionPay Deloitte Accounting Credit Rating Company, Ltd., World UnionPay Integrity Credit Reference Co., Ltd., Hancheng Credit Bureau, World UnionPay Credit Rating College of Harvard University, KANWA GLOBAL VILLAGE WISDOM OF UNIVERSITYKanwa Research Institute of Culture and Belief, Kanwa Language and Media University, Kanwa Global Village Academy of Life Sciences, Kanwa Global Village Academy of Engineering, Kanwa Global Village Academy of Social Sciences, Kanwa Global Village Research Institute of Democratic Constitution.

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